martes, 2 de diciembre de 2008


all night watching the evil plan
rich, poor, woman, child and man
no reason behind the terrible act
the blood they now carry on their hands
i pray that the families can heal and mend
an emptyness and loss impossible to comprehend
in times like this i think of family and those i hold dear
and i feel blessed even while i shed a tear
everyday i learn and grow
for there is always something else to know
tonight i learnt to forgive, forget and most importantly apologise
to stand tall above the negativity, to rise
life is short, i don't want to have anger inside
its not worth it when so many are losing their lives
so as a white flag of peace
stop the rollercoaster, find nuetral, and be free
If i could i would hold you in an embrace
I wish to share how much i care, respect and value u, face to face
As we all know things are written and happen for a reason
And this journey has been so hard, but we're still breathing
No more I will fell sad for what has passed
Not when i have my good health
I can only hope we can be on the same page
If not now, then in the future, a new phase

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